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American Football: Why power is sexy.

One of the key aspects of being successful in American Football is that you must not only be strong , fast, mobile and powerful but each team member has to rely on others for them to shine. For example the quarter back is next to useless unless he is protected by his team members before he passes. Yet his decision to pass is based on which of his players have been able to move freely away from the opposition.

This is much like in business in the fitness industry. While each personal trainer has their own strengths and weaknesses those who are succesful surrond themselves with others who not only protect them from their weaknesses but also provide them with the opportunity to shine. This is done in a number of ways from marketing to making the appointments to providing extra training opporotunities.

Why most personal trainers fail is the same reaon why quarterbacks fail is that they do not have the right team around them. So if you know that you are a good personal trainer yet wonder why you are not getting the right clientelle or being successful have look at those around you are they helping or hindering you in being the best you can be.

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