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4 minutes

What can be achieved in 4 minutes?

In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the record for running the mile in under 4 minutes. It was a feat that experts had said would never be broken.

Most people can only concentrate with sustained effort for 4 minutes.

You can improve your fitness level, metabolic performance and blood pressure in 4 minutes.

At the Olympics you can win a Gold Medal in numerous events in under 4 minutes of effort.

You can write award winning song lyrics in under 4 minutes.

What are you doing today that will help you achieve your goals?

During the day we have 360 4 minute intervals. Taking out the average 8 hours sleep time that would still give you 240 4 minute intervals.

240 times during the day you could achieve one or all of the above tasks if that is where you talent/s lies.

To achieve your dreams you must manage, not your time as we all have the same amount of time, but your effort. All of the above examples were achieved in 4 minutes with a high level of intensity or effort. What if you were able to produce every 12 minutes 4 minute of high intensity sustained effort in your work environment would you be able to get more done?

Think about when you had a deadline that was nearing how much work you had completed in that time frame compared when you had no deadline. The only difference was not in the task or in time but in the amount of effort you exerted to achieve the task.

Effort management is more important then time management if you wish to achieve your dreams. Stop focusing on time and start focusing on effort in 4 minute blocks and see where the world takes you.

You will land amongst the stars.

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