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What your PT and Crossfit Coach doesn't know or isn't telling you!!!!

Over the last few months I have had the luxury of being able to go to a number of different training facilities and observe a number of different trainers and coaches instruct their clients over the course of the day. During these observations there were a number of things that shocked me and made me think are these so called experts who you are paying good money for to train you worth what they are charging.

One of the most frightening things that I observed over this time period is the fact that

Every trainer seems to think that the idea of training is to flog you every training session until you either a) throw up or b) to physically and mentally break you.

One of the key principles of training is to provide a systemised progression of improvement of the client's abilities. The key word here is systemised. If we examine the training protocols of an elite athlete their training year is broken into manageable segments each with its own aim. Each segment builds on the previous one and is linked to the next. These are called macro cycles and are typically in batches of 4-8 weeks depending on the sport and the level of the athlete.

Within each segment are micro cycles that are weekly plans with each week having an end goal that is built on from he previous one and leads into the next. Then there are daily plans that are the actual training sessions. Each daily session has the aim of augmenting each other so that the goal for that week is achieved. These daily sessions will ebb and flow through low intensity low volume to high intensity low volume of high volume low intensity depending on the goals for the micro and macro cycles.

So some weeks will be low intensity sessions where the focus will be on technique and rest and recovery while others will be incredibly difficult to complete and will bring a grown man to tears.

Now if we look at athletic performances year in year out in the main most athletes are getting fitter, faster and stronger then the year before. Yet they are not training any more, in many cases their training time is actually reduced from previous years as the training protocols in place become smarter and more systemised.

The average person who attends a gym or a box or a studio aspires to obtain results that an elite athlete is able to achieve. Lower body fat, improved strength, improved fitness, improved flexibility etc. etc. Yet in the mindset of the majority of personal trainers and cross fit coaches there is no periodised planning, there is only lets flog you every training session and lets see if you can beat your previous sessions lifts, times, reps etc. and if you are not sore for the next two days after the session then you haven't trained hard enough so lets train you harder.

No wonder the most profitable allied health professionals are those who have set up shop next to a crossfit box or fitness facility.

The key to consistent improvement is to have a plan that is periodised and structured not randomised brutality on a daily basis.

Yes you will get great initial results with randomised brutality and you will look like a Demi-God to your followers but long term the results are not sustainable and the long-term adverse health repercussions are significant.

So rather then just be another lemming and allow yourself to be brutalised each session do some research on your potential trainer or coach and see wether they have your best interests at heart with a structured periodised program with a long term plan or are you in for a hiding to nothing with the allied health professionals waiting in the wings like the grim reaper ready for you to succumb to the daily beatings.

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