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Eat 20kg Of Chocolate and Lose Weight

A number of claims and posts lately about various topics in the health and fitness industry is rather alarming and have little value in how to get effective results for the average person.

What I often find interesting is when people are presented with scientifically based facts regarding nutrition and training that they immediately baulk and justify why that cannot be true based on their knowledge.

However, when you then present the same facts along with what you are able to bench or deadlift or run that they automatically believe what you have said. The opposite is also true when false facts are provided by someone who is genetically gifted and can out do everyone else physical then these facts are also believed.

So how do you sort truth from the lies?

1. Research. Go and do your own research on the topic. Don't just rely on the first couple of posts that come up on Google. If I had enough money I could pay for a website to be on the top of Google search results that says eating 20kg of chocolate a day will help you lose weight. So people wanting to lose weight would use Google and find that and go and start eating chocolate and expect to lose weight. Now we all know that is not going to happen unless it is chocolate diuretics.

2. Seek an expert. Now a trainer or a coach who have just completed a PT or coaching course online , over a couple of weeks or over a weekend is not an expert. They may think they are but they are far from it. Seek someone who has been in the industry as a trainer or coach for over 10 years that is also writing or publishing peer reviewed articles as they are more likely to have the experience, wisdom and up to date research based information that you are after.

3. You get what you pay for. If the price is cheap expect cheap service and little knowledge. Knowledge does come at a price.

4. Look at the results obtained by the trainer/coach. Does he or she provide consistently good results for a range of clients with a range of abilities? Do they follow up with clients? Sure anyone can have one or two good testimonial stories but have these clients been able t maintain these results. You can't keep running 10 k twice a day ever day for the rest of your life as you would have learnt in previous posts that will kill you. Ask for feedback from those that stopped going rather then those that are still attending to get both viewpoints.

Choose what information you believe in carefully and do not be swayed by the majority.

Remember the majority of the population thought the World was flat until it was consistently proven that it wasn't.

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