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A Free Magic Pill to Prevent and Treat Chronic Diseases in Australia.

The Australian Government has been withholding a FREE DRUG that helps to prevent and treat chronic diseases that KILL YOU.

In the current Australian economy billions of dollars are spent on drugs and the manufacture of them to that prop up not only pharmacies and the companies that make the drugs but also tips funds into the Australian Government coffers.

Now in my opinion a significant number of doctors in Australia could be sued for medical malpractice for not prescribing this drug. This drug is safe; it is free and has not been tested on animals.

This drug has been shown time and again to help with the treatment of the following diseases and illnesses:

Sleep Disorders

Heart Disease

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Erectile Dysfunction

Low Libido

Low Self-Esteem

Memory Impairments

Some Cancers

Excessive Inflammation

Respiratory Problems



Stress Related Illnesses

Yet we still prescribe drugs and expensive medical testing rather then prescribe something that is free and has been shown to work in reducing all of these disease states.

What is this drug???

It is called exercise and yes it is free. It doesn't cost you anything to walk, run, garden, bike ride, or go to the beach or river and swim.

No if the medical fraternity would promote free exercise to their patients or if local, State and Federal Governments would provide free or subsidised fitness services so that the use of gym, swimming pools, dance studios etc. were of the same cost per month as your PBS medicine more people would exercise.

More people exercising would lead to a reduction in the above preventable diseases and an increase in life expectancies as well as a reduction of the burden of the medical system. This reduction of the burden would allow for less waiting times for surgeries and life threatening injuries and illnesses to be treated. It would also increase work place productivity due to less sick days, reduced stress related illnesses and a more productive work force. Therefore stimulating the economy even further.

Now while this magic drug will not cure or prevent all illnesses from occurring what it will do is to allow for a better functioning society where our life is measured by our health and not our disease state.

Where we would be able rewarded for being healthy and not hit with extra taxes to prop up an economy with a ailing health care system which could be stabilised and improved if the health and fitness of the Australian population became the focal point and not the treatment of diseases.

Rewards for attendance at facilities that improve your health and fitness should be the norm with more disincentives being applied to food and other related products that have been shown to contribute to the diseased state of the Australian Population.

Maybe as well as work for the dole we should introduce Exercise for Treatment where the level of care you receive from the medical fraternity is based on the level of exercise you are currently performing within your physical limitations.

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