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Do the same thing and get no results. Are you stupid?

The number of people that I often see in the gym doing the same thing day in day out and then complaining that they are not getting any results is amazing.

Why would you keep doing the same thing and expect anything different? That is the height of stupidity in my opinion.

Why would you do what the status quo is doing if they are all complaining about not getting results?

Why would you spend hours upon hours training when the same effect can be achieved in fewer than 90 mins a week?

The reason is because people do not want to do anything different from the 'norm'. If everybody else is doing it then it must be right. If we look at the rates of obesity and obesity related diseases in our country I would guess that what everyone is doing or not doing is not right.

The rise of 24-hour fitness facilities, crossfit boxes, and pt studios is doing nothing to stem the tide of Australians becoming fatter and fatter. The amount of PT's and crossfit coaches pushed out into the industry in absurd numbers who are not able to get results for their clients because they are doing what everyone else is doing.

Fads come and go in the fitness industry but one things remains the same those who obtain long lasting results and maintain training once a fad has come and gone are those who do not do what the status quo do. They learn and do what is best for them not the latest gimmick or WOD. They train using systems and methodologies which have been proven to work and not a hyped up, well marketed campaign which is aimed at making big corporations money rather then giving end results to the consumer.

It is time for the consumer to be educated about the fitness industry so that they are not lead like lambs to the slaughter in a marketing campaign designed to keep you attending your training facility on the false promises that you will get results.

Because lets face it if you obtained the results you were after and were taught how to maintain these results you would not need the training facilities. So it is in their best interests to keep you there dangling very small if any progressions at a time so you keep handing over your money to keep them in business.

What we need is the truth to be know and for all facilities, trainers and coaches to be held accountable.

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