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Google does not have all of the answers!!!!!

Why would you trust Google?

Lets look at some facts.

You type in weight loss into a search bar and you get a lot of weight loss programs and personal opinions that have no scientific basis behind them on how to lose weight.

You type in lean muscle tissue gain you have a significant number of companies pop up advertising their supplements and products rather then scientifically proven facts on how to achieve these results.

When you rely on Google or others who have a hidden agenda you will often be told what you want to hear to get a product or service sold to you.

To get results from your training program wether it be body fat loss, strength gain, lean muscle tissue increase or improved cardio-vascular fitness you will need to do two things.

1. Train specifically for the outcome you are after

2. Ensure that your nutritional program is perfect.

The best way to ensure results is that you follow a systemised plan that is tailored to you. The only way it can be tailored to you is if you actually speak to the person designing your program.

I have heard quite a bit lately that to lose weight you need to cut your calories. Now while that may be correct in some areas 9 times out of 10 the weight that you will lose will be lean muscle tissue and water not body fat. If you drop your calories too dramatically plus add additional cardio-vascular training on top of your current training load then the effect is compounded as your body will go into starvation mode and you will drop weight but it will be lean muscle while your fat stores will remain relatively constant.

Therefore great weight loss but you will be skinny fat with sluggish metabolism, increased risk of osteopenia and a weak muscular structure. The key is to slowly drop your calories by 100-200 a week until you start to drop body fat then to hold at that level until you plateau. You also must not drop below your basal metabolic rate calories requirements, as that is when you will be doing metabolic damage to yourself.

Now if your trainer or PT cannot answer that question of what is your metabolic requirements for you then you need to get a new one.

Also one of the concerning facts is that in Australia PT's are not insured to provide you with specific dietary advise. They can provide you with general information that can be downloaded from Internet searches that is it.

Yet there are a number of PT's and trainers prescribing diets and nutrition plans to the general public who have no idea what they are doing. Would you trust your health to a back yard doctor who researched your symptoms of the internet to then prescribe you with the recommended drugs from a Google sponsored website?????

Then why are you trusting your nutrition and your health to a person who is not qualified to provide you the detailed advise and structured plans that you need???

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