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What is Megarexia?

Megarexia is the opposite of anorexia. It is the obsession of getting bigger and having bigger muscles.

This obsession often leads to overtraining and disordered eating plans. However it is a psychological issue that leads the person affected with seeing their body smaller then what it really is.

Once training and diet have reached the persons genetic limits they often turn to pharmacology to keep up the rate of muscle growth and size gains.

This may then lead to other illnesses and diseases such as cardio-vascular disease, liver and kidney disease as well as neural damage.

The key is to provide realistic advice as to what a client may or may not be able to achieve. Not every client wants to be the next Mr Universe or the next Ms Bikini but they all want to improve from where they are currently.

The key is to provide your clients with an achievable goal based on not only their genetic structure but also their dedication and motivational state. By providing ideal role models and not those that gloss fitness magazine covers only then can this mental illness start to be addressed.

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