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What do politics and nutrition have in common?

What does nutrition and politics have in common?

Everyone has an opinion on both subjects, even armchair critics who have only a little bit of information. Everyone has an opinion about nutrition and as a result there is a lot of misinformation and misinterpretation. One of the key aspects of nutrition is that there are a number of assumptions which are based on little or out-dated scientific evidence.

One of the key areas where this occurs is the use of supplements where a little scientific evidence leads to a break through new supplement being developed and then an a range of supplement companies develop a product to mass produce and sell to the market.

As a result consumers are often falsely lead to believe that products are endorsed or 'evidence based' or clinically proven'. The aim of this is to create marketing hype and the purchase of products that are based on pseudoscience by the unaware consumer.

However the best gains for often obtained by having a correct and effective nutritional plan rather then relying on over priced supplements.

By having an effective nutritional plan amazing results can be obtained without any change in training loads or supplement purchases.

A major problem is the miss held believe that eating lots of healthy food means that you are eating healthy. This combined with fad diets in the hope of an improved performance is due to the rise of eating disorders and the increase of profitable supplement companies which often provide inferior products with the aim of making a quick buck.

The key is to do your research to work out what works for you and be prepared to spend some time on food preparation and nutrition management rather then looking for a quick fix or a magical supplement to provide you with the training and performance edge.

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