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If you want to lose body fat eating less and exercising more used to be the mantra provided to you by health and fitness professionals. However we know this does not work. If it did there would be no need for personal trainers, nutritionists, food coaches and weight loss companies.

Only a very few people will lose weight by following this old school protocol. Blaming weight gain on eating too much has been occurring for centuries. However it does not take into account biological factors such as hormonal levels, genetics, metabolism, hunger, individual responses to foods consumed as well as exercise protocols followed.

Most of the obesity issues in today’s society are due to refined carbohydrates such as sugar and processed grains. We have to get over our fear of high fat foods, as they are some of the highest quality foods that we can consume to lose body fat.

Refined carbohydrates cause insulin spikes that activates the fat cells to soak up the calories. As a result the brain thinks that there is not enough calories in the foods being consumed due to this activation and forces the hunger response to occur. This is turn slows our metabolism. As a result you will put on body fat.

So if you try and eat less and exercise more to lose weight you will lose that battle. The key is to focus on the quality of the nutrients being consumed rather then the calories.

We need to be aware of how the foods consumed impact upon your body. There is not one method that suits all to achieve results.

In most cases you will need to EAT MORE to obtain the RESULTS that you need.

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