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The Reason why You are Fat!!!

The reason why you are fat

There are a number of reasons why you are fat.

  • Consuming too many calories,

  • Consuming too few calories

  • Not being active,

  • Being lazy,

  • Listening to popular TV show trainers and their training and nutrition books that are all designed to make them and their managers money while leaving you with metabolic damage which will take years to correct,

  • Doing the wrong type of exercise,

  • Listening to a trainer who is straight out of their course with no training experience,

  • Listening to a trainer who has you performing exercises in the gym that should be either left for the circus performers to do or be performed by no one as they have no physiological benefit other then to make the trainer look smart as they have you doing an exercise that they have just made up or found on a YouTube channel from a so called guru that has never been performed in their gym before.

  • The medication that your GP has prescribed to you for an illness which in 9 out of 10 cases could have been prevented if you did not follow the first 8 items on this list

  • For the less then 1% of the population out there you have a legitimate independently diagnosed medical condition.

As can be seen in this list the majority of reasons why a person maybe overweight is not due to a medical condition it is due to listening to uneducated people provide advice that has either been garnished off other uneducated or partially educated people or own the first page of an internet search from your favorite ISP.

The old adage is often true you get what you pay for.. If you look at the above list most of these items are free to obtain.

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