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How to stop your gains?

There are a number of ways in which regardless of what your training goals are that you will impede your progress towards them.

The first major issue it to have conflicting goals.

So you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as increase your muscularity? These are conflicting goals as they operate on the opposite ends of the physiological spectrum.

To improve your cardiovascular fitness you need to train often and at a relatively high intensity performing rhythmical activities such as running swimming etc. over an extended period of time. While training for muscularity requires you to train at a high intensity 3-4 times a week with lots of recovery in between sessions.

The training methodology to achieve either goal is counter-productive to achieving the other.

Another trap is to change the training stimulus too often. By incorporating known scientific principles such as linear or undulating periodised training protocols the need to change the exercise program you are following is very minimal with the core lifts of bench press, deadlifts and squats the cornerstones of any successful program.

So stop trying every new weird and wonderful new techniques, which comes out, and start to focus on what actually as been proved to work time and again.

The third problem is not taking deload or easy weeks.

The key to results is to provide your body with the opportunity to rest once in a while so that it can fully recover allowing you to train harder for an extended period of time.

In other words listen to your body. If you have not recovered from your previous training session it is no point training again until you have.

So the moral of the story is to stop improving is to train haphazardly, have conflicting goals, to have no limited to no rest and to train when you have not fully recovered. Does this sound like you???

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