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13 Problems with Rapid Weight Loss

Gaining or losing weight is relatively easy. Programs that promise rapid weight loss often deliver due to a very low calorie diet combined with excessive exercise. The issue with this type of program is that the delivery of the rapid weight loss has a number of significant negative effects on the body.

These effects include the following:

1. Muscle Atrophy

2. Increased Fatigue Levels

3. Increased Cortisol Levels

4. Dehydration

5. Decreased Serum Testosterone Levels

6. Decreased Luteinizing Hormone

7. Increased Haematocrit Levels.

8. Decreased Thyroid Hormone Levels

9. Decreased Reproductive Function

10. Decreased Growth Hormone Levels

11. Decreased Resting Energy Levels

12. Decreased Strength

13. Increased Injury Risk

So if you are more concerned about a number of the scale then sure go ahead with a restrictive calorie diet and excessive exercise. The rest of your body will NOT thank you for it.

If you want a long-term solution then keep following this blog as we examine the most effective body transformation programs over the next couple of issues.


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