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One of the key factors in body fat loss is to increase your metabolism. There are a number of ways in which to do this. You could increase your lean muscle mass, you could take thermogenics, you could take drugs or you could eat more.

Now when faced with these options the easiest would be to take drugs or thermogenics but there is an inherent risk of choosing these options of doing long-term damage to your body and your health. The option of increasing lean muscle tissue is normally seen as the most difficult as it involves structured resistance based training program where an increase in muscularity is a slow and often arduous task.

So the most efficient method would therefore be to eat more calories. Now this does not mean scoffing down a hamburger and a beer at every opportunity. What is does mean is to increase your metabolism you will need to know what your basal metabolic rate is and what is your daily energy expenditure.

Once you have established what these are you then need to consume an adequate amount of calories in a specific ratio of proteins fats and carbs based on your own inherent physiology. This is where you will need the help of a professional as cookie cutter programs will not and do not work as they will not meet your specific nutritional requirements based on your inherit physiology.

There are a couple of things that you can do though to get the process started.


In particular you need to consume breakfast as this will help to stimulate your metabolism for the day. If it is skipped it may trigger a protective mechanism in the body, which will cause your metabolism to slow as well as the conservation of body fat.


The key is to eat frequent small meals to facilitate your metabolic rate as well as bodily functions. Eating more often will also ensure that the thermogenic effect of food digestion also is stimulating your metabolism on a regular basis throughout the day.

The take home message here is to ensure that you are eating more to facilitate body fat loss. Yes eating less may cause weight loss but the weight loss that usually occurs is fluid and lean muscle tissue loss not body fat.


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