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Detox - Part 2

Detox Part 2 – Colon washing

Clean out your colon

Colon irrigation, lets get a hose insert it up your bum and wash away the plaque that has been living in your anal canal and colon, providing a never ending supply of these magical toxins back into your body.

Now despite what you are told these toxic holding plaque are also magical as when they are looked for by anyone in the medical profession they vanish from site only to reappear when back at a colon cleansin clinic. I am thinking that we need to keep these magical plaque build ups in our body as maybe once they reach saturation point in the colon you will obtain the ability to disappear as well when someone is looking for you.

Besides obtaining the equivalent of a car wash in your colon, colon irrigation can also perforate your bowel. So now the mythical plaque can also have free reign into your body. It does get better though. You don’t want a hose in your butt you can have a tablet which makes your shit turn into a plastic long structure that looks like a hose slide out of your insides.

So the options are have a hose come in or a hose go out of your butt to clean your colon of the mythical and magical plaque.

What is a detox?

The most common detox is that from alcohol. Now this is a great idea to give your liver a rest from breaking down alcohol. However the notion that you can cleanse your liver makes as much sense as giving a colon irrigation to your pet cricket.

The first thing the liver does to alcohol is to break it down to acetaldehyde which wait for it ….…….. is a toxic substance that damages the liver cells. Oh no we have a toxic substance in the liver. What are we going to do we need a cleanse.

No we do not need a cleanse.

The body is pretty smart and knows how to repair itself in 99.9% of any injury or illness. What happens is that acetaldehyde is almost immediately converted into carbon dioxide and water. So as long as we are breathing and as long as we have the ability to sweat or urinate or use water for metabolic purposes then we are ok and will live.

The problem comes when we drink in excess and these enzymes which break down acetaldehyde are overworked and cannot keep up. Then we have a build up of acetaldehyde which causes liver damage. Now try selling a cleanse or a colon irrigation to a drunk person and I am sure you will not get the response you are looking for.

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