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What is a simple food?

Is it one that does not have an issue about its weight or does it have problems performing basic daily tasks?

Simple foods technically have a more wholesome look so you think you are buying something good. Foods such as fruit and vegetables, nuts, eggs, lean meats etc. are considered to be simple foods. However the issue is when cookies, lollies, ice cream etc. that contain only two or three ingredients start to be promoted as simple foods is when we have an issue.

Yes they are simple non modified ingredients such as sugar and salt and oil but the nutritional value of these simple foods is minimal and to promote them as part of a healthy food choice is marketing at its worst,

What is a clean food?

We keep hearing about clean eating, clean foods and a clean diet but there is no actual definition of what it is. In a fitness industry it means eating natural foods that have not been processed. The eating of natural foods is no different to healthy eating recommendations.

There are now a number of processed foods being marketed as 'clean' foods as they use 'clean' ingredients. So the term clean eating is really just a fad name that is now being used by marketers to promote a range of processed foods to the consumer.

So does that mean if you are not eating clean you are eating dirty?

Clean eating also does not equal a balanced diet. The problem with this term is that it breaks foods into two categories clean (good) and dirty (bad) foods. This breakdown of foods into these dichotomous groups tends to have people think that if they are not eating clean foods then they must be doing something bad.

When we look at both of the terms used in this blog of clean and simple foods technically they mean the same thing of eating unprocessed foods and having everything in moderation.

You only have one life so eat what you enjoy in moderation and make wise choices based on your specific health and fitness goals and needs.

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