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Not A Nutritionist, Not a Problem - Seriously

The article posted below says Not a Nutritionist Not a Problem share and provide nutrition advice to people based on your own journey and on the resources provided.

Here is the problem a can of worms has now been opened where unqualified people are providing nutritional advice to individuals who are desperate for a life/body change.

Desperate people will do stupid things.

Don't get me wrong I like the Isagenix products and the results that they are able to provide but it is like saying well here is all of the information on how to suture a deep wound buy a pack of sutures and do it yourself.

Or here is the way to learn English from our expert team don't worry about sending your children to school as all the information that they will ever need to know can be found on the Internet.

My personal opinion is that this type of advertising not only devalues the knowledge of those who have spent years studying in the field but also gives rise to the culture of 'cereal packet' or 'social media selfie self proclaimed experts.'

Wake up people you only have one body. You only have one life.

Would you trust buying your medical prescriptions from the pharmacy or from the kid on the corner who learned to make the same drug in his bedroom via following a set of instructions found online?

Yes use Isagenix as a tool to help you obtained the results that you are after but use an expert to help you devise a plan that is specific to you if you need to deviate from the cookie cutter programs provided in the packs.


Your body, Your life, make your choices wisely.

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