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Survival of the Fittest

Last night Mick Fanning a shark while in the final of a Professional Surfing Event in South Africa attacked an Australian surfer. What happened during that time has been well documented via various news sites and social media feeds. What we saw through the eyes of a camera was one man's fight with one of nature’s most efficient killing machines.

How did he survive this attack?

Was it luck?

Was it faith?

Was it because he attacked back?

Was it due to the extra noise of the support boats rushing to save him?

We will never know what caused the shark not to fulfil its need for food, its basic attack instinct. What we do know is that Mick Fanning used every last once of strength and fight to keep the shark at bay. Not once did you see him give up and go this is too hard I am getting attacked by a shark I may as well just stop fighting as the shark is in its natural element and should win.

No what we saw was a reaction to survive, a desire to keep living.

What would you have done faced with a similar situation fight or give up?

I see this so often when people have to make a choice they will in most cases choose the easy and most comfortable path, the well trodden one, the one that gives them a feeling of safety.

The key to success is to fight back is to keep marching towards your goals. Yes you may have setbacks you maybe attacked by the proverbial shark as you tread your own path to folk law but the moment you give up you may as well have jumped into the ocean tied with a bloody carcass to your body and thrashed about waiting for the real sharks to turn up and finish the job.

Yes you will have setbacks.

Yes you will be scared of re-entering the task you were doing after being attacked.

However to achieve what you have set out to achieve will only occur when you keep working towards the end goal combating the sharks and setbacks.

To achieve the life you want you must make sacrifices and fight for what you believe in.

Do you want to be a victim or a legend of your own making?

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