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As I write this blog I have just competed in my third bodybuilding competition in three weeks for two podium finishes and a fourth place. Each week was different to the previous and learning process about how my body responds to both training and food during a contest preparation phase was a huge personal learning curve.

One thing that stood out was that the more focused you are on a goal the more you will be able to do what many think are impossible. Your ability to manage not only your time but also your priorities is critical to being successful. To fit in two training sessions a day on most days as well as over an hour of walking per day requires an ability to think outside the square in terms of how to best manage your time.

Things that you thought were important like watching your favourite to TV show or sitting on social media sites seem to become a distant memory. You realise that what you thought was a priority is often not and what is a priority, as you become more focused on your goal, is able to be dealt with in a more efficient and effective manor.

The focus in your training also improves and you become more effective in the gym the closer your competition date becomes. The critical aspect for this to occur is that you break the days down into the number of training days you have between now and your competition. You then break down the training days into the number of body part sessions you have per week. For example lets say you are doing a four day split which means you train each body part once every five to six day cycle depending on the number of rest days you have per week. So if we assume you are 6 weeks out from your competition that means you have 42 days of training to your event. Assuming that you have one day off a week and then two days off before the competition that means you have 35 training days. Therefore on a four day split you would over those 35 days only be training each body part 7 to 8 times.

As you can see by breaking down the time away from your competition into smaller units you start to become more focused in your training as you realise that 6 weeks out from a competition you only really have 7 days of training per body part maximum. As a result you will now become more focused on each session as the countdown to your competition begins.

As you become aware of how few training sessions you have to get into the best condition of your life to compete your training starts to take on a whole new level of focus and determination.

So why not set yourself a competition goal or an event goal to train for and break it down into manageable units to provide you with more focus and direction in your training.

If I am able to do this with my crazy lifestyle why can't you? What is stopping you from achieving your goals and the body of your dreams? All it takes is a little bit of dedication, focus and determination. What do you have to lose?

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