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I recently offered an online training call with over 200 members of my online tribe. I received over 50 replies saying yes that they were on board and had questions that they would like to have answered on this call. So I booked a call time and set the call up thinking yes this is going to help them to achieve their goals and that they were hungry for success. At the allocated time I logged in and had the call set up. What happened next took me a bit by surprise. Here were a number of people with huge reasons to be on the call. Everyone had huge goals. Or so I thought. As by the allocated time only 8 people were on the call in total. Only 8 out of over 200. Only 8 out of 50 that had replied. Yet out of the 200 in the tribe who are active all of them want to achieve thier goals but only 8 allocated the time to do so and to learn. What does that tell me? Was the time of the call wrong? Am I not worthy of people's time? Is what I am offering not of service? Is what I am offering not of Value? Or does it tell me that........ These 8 people that did show up value my input and my time and want to achieve greatness that they allocated time out of their busy schedules so that they could self-develop, so that they could become leaders in their own right. One of the keys to being successful is the ability to be self-motivated to learn. To step outside of your comfort zone and say I do not know everything and that I need help. So for the 8 on the call congratulations you are on your way to success. For the remainder time will tell wether this is a learning opportunity for them or for me. What are you doing today to learn and to grow?

Are you willing to go that extra step and to develop yourself?


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