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I am sitting in a professional development course at the moment where some people have paid a premium to attend and others are here for free. Both parties are obtaining the same content. The only difference is that those who have paid are sitting in the front three rows and had lunch provided with a question and answer session. Why did these people pay top dollar for a bun and chicken wrap lunch a premium price? They saw value in the additional time being spent with the presenter over lunch. It is often purported that people will pay for things they see value in. WHAT VALUE DO WE OFFER AS FITNESS AND HEALTH PROFESSIONALS? The key to being successful is that you should under promise and over deliver. To improve client retention the key is to find out what motivates the client? What is their purpose of coming to you? Then to leverage that information and provide a service or product that is relevant to that person. The use of cookie cutter programs and meal plans do not deliver value. The generic programming templates and done for you models do not deliver value. Fitness and Health professionals need to be aware that to make a difference to a person’s life that they need to engage with the client and to provide them with the value. So what value are you offering to your clients, your members, your team?


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