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Goal Setting 101

As we are now a quarter of the way through the year it is time to look at how you are tracking towards your goals.

What were your goals and how can we ensure that you do not fall back into the same routine you are trying to change?

Here are some tips that may help to stop you from falling back into your old habits.

Find someone who can hold you accountable.

Being held accountable has been shown to be critical in helping you to achieve your goals and saying on task. One of the main reasons for the rise in personal training is the fact that they hold their clients accountable to training and to being consistent in training.

Set small training goals

When a goal is a long term one it is easy to lose sight of it and to put off what needs to be done. For example it is ok to have another cheat meal as my goal is 3 months away or it I can miss this week of training as I have another 12 before the event. What happens is by giving ourselves permission to have time off is that it also breaks the routine or habit that you have been forming.

This breaking of routine or habit forces us to have to begin it all over again which for some people is the breaking point in their progress towards their goals.

Reward yourself for achieving your goals

This maybe something as small as going and buying a new training shirt or shoes. The research tells us that if you reward yourself on the achievement of tasks you will have a higher chance of staying wiht your new plan then if you do not reward yourself.

Educate yourself

The more knowledge you have the better your progress will be towards your goals. Keep reading the great articles in this magazine and keep up to date with the latest research. By being educated you can make adjustments to what you are doing to help keep you in track to your ultimate goal.

I would love to hear what topics you would like covered in next weeks article drop me a message on Facebook to have your question answered or follow me on Periscope @tonyattridge for more information.

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