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One of the frustrating aspects of working in the fitness industry is that everyone thinks that they are an expert yet they also are more then willing to seek free advice.

People tend to believe that because you are just talking about meal plans and what to do training wise that you should, at any given social function, provide them with answers to their questions for free.

Do you ask your friend who is the mechanic to service your car for free?

Do you ask your friend the doctor to treat you for free?

Do you go to your friend who owns the grocery store on the corner and ask for free milk and bread?

I assume the answer to these questions are a resounding no. So why do people expect to have fitness and nutrition knowledge provided to them pro bono?

Maybe it is because the majority of the population do not value their own health and fitness and as such so not place value on the services which are provided within it.

Or is it because of the rise of the fitspro? Those genetically gifted ones who post about their achievements over social media and talk about how easy it is to obtain their physical condition that is the envy of the beholder.

The World Public Health System is overloaded with preventable diseases obesity related diseases yet still people place limited value on their own health until it is taken away from them. In a industry which is full of people with vested and self-serving interests there needs to be a change in attitude not only within but also from outside this industry to place more value on health and less on subjective looks.

Unit this occurs the fitness industry will sink further into the abyss to a point of no return.

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