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By now most of you would be aware that the Olympics have started and you have been cheering on your respective countries' athletes to hopeful success.

Yet how many of you know what really happens behind the glamor? The training, the sacrifices, the early mornings, the injuries, the meal plans that require strict adherence for optimal performance.

How many of you would be willing to sacrifice a large portion of your youth to chase an Olympic Dream? All while not getting paid and having to either work, study or rely on the generosity of others to survive day by day.

All for the chance at glory and 15 minutes of Fame.

Now lets examine your own lifestyle what are you doing to allow your body to function at its optimal? Are you eating appropriately? Are you exercising to achieve your body composition goals? Are you getting adequate recovery?

Now we don't need to follow an Olympians training program to achieve amazing results however we do need to follow a program. One of the keys to success whether it be at the Olympics or your own personal journey is to hire a coach or someone that you are held accountable to keep you on track.

A good accountability partner keeps you focused on why you are doing the training and nutrition plan. They help you not to stray away from the plan and to remind you of why you are doing the training and meal preparation when you are doubting your own abilities. They are there for you when the self-doubt kicks in and you are ready to give up when set backs occur.

Just like an Olympic athlete finding a good coach, the key to success for the rest of us is to find an accountability partner that assists you on your journey and work with them to help you to achieve your goals.

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