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Are you getting the right advice?

One of the key factors in achieving performance improvements is a knowledge of nutrition and supplements.

It is relatively easy with a beginner to obtain results as they will adapt to almost any stress placed on their body as it is a new and novel stimulus. So the body will adjust to this stimulus and will cause physiological adaptations to occur.

Once you have been training for a period of time it gets more difficult to change body composition and/or improve performance unless your nutrition is correct for the adaptations you are seeking.

Where do you go to get the best advice on nutrition for performance enhancement?

Now while the usual recommendation is for you to go and see a dietician or nutritionist most are not specialised in performance enhancement. They will be able to provide you with assistance in losing weight and consuming a healthy meal plan based on the Australian Dietary Recommendations they in the main are not educated in performance enhancement nutrition.

The key is to find a professional Dietician who is qualified and experienced in sport nutrition and performance improvement or a sport nutritionists.

Unfortunately with the rise of watered down weekend qualifications the number of people in the fitness industry who are providing unqualified and under trained advice is on the rise. For your own health and to ensure you obtain value for money ensure the person has an appropriate qualification as mentioned above as well as experience and results working with athletes/people who you aspire to be.

If not you are wasting not only your time and money but also your health.

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