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Hypertrophy Secrets Revealed

Hypertrophy Secrets revealed

In reality to increase lean muscle tissue size is a relatively difficult process. The way in which people train is often based on misinformation in popular bodybuilding magazines and word of mouth by often ill informed and in the majority of cases anabolically enhanced steroid using gym junkies.

If you wish to avoid hypertrophy you need to perform 5-8 reps per set of 3-4 sets with only one to two exercises per body part. This is what is often preferred by the uneducated people in the bodybuilding industry as their way of increasing lean muscle tissue size.

Often it is the PT's who fabricate this idea by playing along to get the sale from a client. To be honest unless your client has a perfectly structured Nutrition program as well as a periodised resistance-training program tailored to their current strength abilities then regardless of their level of commitment they are not going to achieve results.

Trainers often talk about changing muscle structure, now to be honest we cannot change you muscle architecture. If you are short and stocky then we cannot give you long dancer muscles. You get what you have we cannot change your muscle build or your genetics. What we can do is to improve your strength and the muscle size that your genetics will allow you to achieve.

It is time for trainers to stop taking peoples money and feeding them false promises. Doing bridges and balancing on a Swiss ball will not develop your strength levels or give you that 6 pack you are after. High reps and low resistance will not give you long lean muscles while heavy weight and low reps will not make you into Mr Australia.

So if you are worried about getting too big then it is ok, as it will not happen unless you have great genetics and a huge amount of time and effort to invest in the process. What will help you achieve your goals is by having a program that is based on your genetic ability as well as a solid nutritional program that is able to be monitored and tweaked once again based on your genetics.

A cookie cutter one size fits all mentally like Ashley Bines or Michelle Bridges is a waste of your time and your money. Yes they are cheap. Yes they do get some results. But those who get results are in the minority, the majority have just wasted money which would have been better served by them being educated correctly on training and nutrition.

Those who do get results is often due to them having great genetics and finally getting of their backside and doing something rather then sitting on the couch. So the next time you are wondering why you are not getting results in your training have a good hard look at yourself and what you are actually doing.

Are you just a lemming following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing wrong?

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