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Shirodhara in Public

Shirodhara in Public

Ayurveda is an Indian Medical System. The word Ayurveda translates to Life Knowledge. We learn how to work with what we have to create balance with our interplay between our self and our world around us. One of the treatments offered in Ayurveda is Shirodhara. This treatment generally follows a massage. A continuous stream of warmed oil is applied to the forehead. It helps to cool the heat of the mind. Shirodhara is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress. Benefits include clearer mental focus and concentration. Shirodhara in regional Victoria, Bendigo is relatively unknown. Once tried, the client clearly feels the benefits. So how do we educate the public in Bendigo about the benefits of Shirodhara? One the weekend we trialed shirodhara demonstrations at a public Bendigo event. The response was overwhelming. Given Shirodhara works best in a quiet room in a quiet space what are your thoughts on public demonstrations? Massage is often available at markets, can shirodhara be offered the same way?

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