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To be successful there are a number of factors that you need to do display. These include dedication, tenacity, planning, focus, discipline, confidence and a mentor who is able to guide you.

Normally what happens is when one is successful is that they tend to stop listening to their mentors and to believe that they can do it by themselves. At this stage if systems and processes have been well set up then that person will continue to be successful. However if they have not been set up and the person has not been educated during their previous mentoring process then failure is more then likely to occur.

The key to effective mentoring of an athlete, client, business is being able to teach your client the skills and strategies that you are using with them so that they are able to implement them themselves. Once your client has outgrown what you are able to offer them then it is time to refer them to another mentor that is able to fill in the blanks of the skills sets that you as a mentor do not have.

Mentoring is a fluid process and no one model suits all. The key to being successful is to allow yourself to be a mentored and to take on board and use the skills and recommendations of your mentor. It may be time to put your ego aside and ask for help from someone who has the skill set that you desire. You may not like what you hear and have to do but the end result will be more then worth it.

The majority of successful people in the World all have a mentor. They all have a coach or a business advisor. Skimping on your mentor and choosing the cheapest is akin to going out an buying a $2k car and expecting it to have the same level of performance as a Ferrari.

If you want to be successful in whatever pursuit you are after find someone to mentor you in the skill sets that you are lacking and watch your performances significantly improve.

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