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Personal trainers lie (part 2)

As discussed in yesterday’s blog too much cardiovascular training will have an adverse effect on your physical health. Often more so then the benefits derived from it.

If there was any doubt here is some additional research, which supports that fact.

Research from Germany has shown that in a study of over 1000 60 year olds that those who were least physically active had a higher death rate. Now this result was as expected. However what was not expected in their findings was that the most active group those who performed strenuous exercise or physical activity were also had not only a higher death rate but also more cardio vascular problems then those who only exercised on average of 3 times a week.

These results correlate to those of researchers in Sweden. In Sweden, researchers examined the lifespan activity patterns of over 40000 males while monitoring their heart health over a 12-year span.

What they found was that the most active men, those who performed intense cardiovascular training for more than 5 hours a week had an increased prevalence of irregular heart beats then those who exercised for less than an hour per week. This prevalence rate more then doubled the earlier they starting exercising intensely for more then 5 hours a week.

The risk of atrial fibrillation though was reduced in older exercisers versus those who did nothing.

In summary performing high intensity exercise will increase the risk of atrial fibrillation while moderate doses are more effective then doing nothing.

So with the rise of all of these high intensity activities such as cross fit, boot camp or those HIT conducted by uneducated PT’s are we running the risk of putting our next generation of seniors at further risk of future cardiovascular issues all for the sake of being able to boast of social media about your WOD.

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