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Is there such a thing as a Detox? (Part 1)

In the age of detoxes and cleanses is there anything that actually does what it is meant to? Ernst, an Emeritus Professor at Exter University is quoted as saying “there are two types of detox; one that is respectable and the other isn't.

The one that works is a medical treatment for people with life threatening drug addictions, the other is a world of bogus entrepreneurs and charlatans who peddle bogus treatments that allegedly detox your bodies toxins that you have accumulated.”

If we did have such an accumulation occurring in our bodies that could not be removed then it would mean that our kidneys, liver, lungs and skin were not working properly. This would equate to either death or hospitalisation. It has been proven that detoxing does not make these body organs work any better in a perfectly healthy body.

So why do it?

When a number of scientists from 25 of these ‘detox’ companies were asked what is a toxin and how can you measure it not one was able to explain and/or provide an example.

What is a toxin?

Apparently they are poisonous substances that are either inhaled or ingested but they have never been named or measured. They are a bit like a scene out of a Harry Potter movie where the Dark Lord cannot be named. They are allegedly all around us and in us and making our lives miserable but they are elusive and hidden and cannot be quantified or tested.

If they cannot be found or quantified then what is a detox?

By a process of elimination then a detox is the removal of nothing. So we are detoxing something that does not exist. Much like if you paint your car red it will go faster than a day ago when it was white.

Yes you may lose weight on a detox diet but that is due to the fact that you starve yourself for a period of time and have a reduced calorie intake on the others. We could achieve the same by throwing you onto a deserted island and having you only eat rice and fish, much like Survivor and other ‘reality’ TV shows.

So before you commence a ‘detox’ diet/program you should ask yourself, “If I am paying something to treat nothing then why am I treating nothing with something in the hope that something changes by changing nothing?”

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