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Every cell in your body needs carbohydrate to function. It is also the major source of energy during your training sessions. Most athletes do not need to restrict their carbohydrate intake as exercise and training improves their insulin sensitivity.

However, there are significant benefits to occasionally reducing your carbohydrate consumption and increasing your fat intake to maintain a consistent overall calorie intake. By increasing your fat intake for a short period time your body will use stored body fat as an energy source. This is especially true during times of rest when your body does not need to rely on carbohydrate as an energy source.

An effective way in which to ensure that you maximise the above nutrition process is provided below:

1. Work out your daily energy requirements.

2. On training days eat high protein, moderate carbohydrates and moderate fat.

3. On rest days eat around 100g of carbohydrates.

4. Make up the total calorie difference from the reduction in carbohydrate by replacing it with fat intake.

5. Do not reduce your calorie intake, as this will not be of benefit in reducing your body fat levels.

6. Ensure that your meals are planned and that you follow the program for a minimum of 4 weeks to obtain effective results.

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