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What is it?

Nitric oxide facilitates the cells ability to work with each other throughout the body. In 1998 The Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to researchers who discovered the benefits of nitric oxide.

The benefits discovered include the following:

  1. A faster recovery

  2. Lactic acid reduction

  3. Improved endurance

  4. Increased training muscle pump

  5. Better vascularity

  6. Improve immune system response

  7. Better body temperature regulation

  8. Enhanced glucose clearance rates

  9. Heart disease protection

  10. Enhanced sexual performance

  11. Improved sleep quality

Part 1 is going to examine three of these benefits. Subsequent blogs will examine the remaining benefits.

1. A faster recovery

Nitric oxide facilitates the blood flow to your body tissues to help them to relax. With an improved blood flow the body is able to uptake nutrients more effectively as well as provide more oxygen to the muscles to enhance recovery. By increasing the blood flow to the muscles better recovery occurs allowing for each body part to be trained effectively multiple times during the week.

2. Lactic acid reduction

By having an improved blood flow and oxygen carrying capacity to the muscles due to using nitric oxide lactic acid build up is significantly reduced. Not only is the build up reduced but as side effect of an increased blood flow and oxygen going to the working muscle whatever lactic acid is being built up is removed at a faster rate. These two factors allow for an increase in not only the intensity of the workout but also a reduction in post-training fatigue and DOMS.

3. Improved Endurance

One of the key factors to improving your cardiovascular ability is improved oxygen carrying capacity of the re blood cells.As nitric oxide facilitates this improved carrying capacity you will be able to train at a higher intensity for longer.As a result faster cardio-vascular changes will occur and ultimately better performances will be the by-product of this improved ability.

As you can see so far nitric oxide has a number of benefits for performance enhancement.Next weeks blog will examine the next three key benefits of this supplement.

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