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Leadership and Rose Colored Glasses

I have been watching with interest since my last blog a few individuals saying that leadership is all about supporting and helping people and being positive. They are also against the idea of constructive based feedback. Or as it had been termed criticism.

To be supportive and positive is only one facet of leadership to provide. The problem is if we solely focus on the positives we bring up a world full of people who are unable to handle critiscim and to learn from their mistakes.

Unfortunately, even though some would prefer it, we do not live in a world of rose coloured glasses and candy canes and lollipops where people learn for being given a pat on the back when they have made a mistake.

The world is not full of people who are going to drag you up and be nice to you all of the time. Individuals need to be able to handle constructive criticism even if they do not want to hear it.

Sometimes even a good old kick in the backside is needed for someone to realise that what he or she are doing is being detrimental to others.

Individuals need to learn the their is a consequence for their actions and being consistently praised and told what a good job you are doing does not teach that.

So for those of you who continually praise your team as part of leadership style without providing the constructive criticism when needed you need to be careful as it will come back to haunt you at a later date.

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