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Do you really want to be an EXPERT?????

Do you really want to be an EXPERT?????

Just because you have lost weight does not make you an expert. Just because you have won a plastic trophy does not make you an expert. Weight loss can be easily achieved by changing your daily behavior. Stop eating rubbish and start exercising. Simple but wow it is effective in weight loss.

Winning a plastic trophy is also easy just choose the right competition to be in and there you have it a $5 dust collector on your mantelpiece.

Yes it is great that you have lost some weight by following a system designed for weight loss. Congratulations on eating 1200 calories or less everyday of the week. Congratulations on being able to follow a system that tells you what to eat and when to eat. Congratulations on your ability to display self-control and stopping yourself from eating your normal comfort food and sitting on the couch. Congratulations on shutting down your metabolism.

That is a great achievement; however this does not make you an expert, nor does it make you an inspiration to others. The ability to inspire is based on many factors and your over inflated ego is not one of those enduring factors.

To be an expert you need to not only have walked the walk but you must also have had some level of education or training in the area. Being an expert means that you have been in the industry for a significant period of time and have inspired and helped others without asking for anything in return. Being an expert is not something that you actively seek but is something that others bestow upon you because they value your service and contribution to the industry that you are in.

Being an expert means that you have responsibility to the service of others and that you are not doing it for your own ego gratification. Be careful if you wish to be an expert as it means great responsibilities.

Congratulations on your achievements they are not to be undermined but remember that they are your achievements. They may be inspiring to some for a period of time but in no way shape or form does it make you an expert.

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